Wall Paint Ideas For Your Home

Paint Ideas

Are you planning to redo your room? Well, why don’t you consider your walls to change the overall look of your house? Wall painting with a little bit of twist certainly adds to the beauty of your living area. There are endless techniques available if you want to get the wall painting done. Also, some of the professionals provide best of wall painting designs for you to choose from. If you wish to paint your walls by yourself, you can do so with the help of these simple techniques that I have discussed below. You don’t have to be an artist to utilize these skills, but few basic materials and a willingness to try out something new.


Regardless of the techniques, you apply to paint your walls, the color you choose is definitely an important factor. Some of the basic points to remember to include using contrasting shades or complementary shades. Both offer the best effects, but before you decide the color create a pattern in mind beforehand. This way there is no scope for any disappointment that it did not match as per your planning.


Use a stencil on the wall and it should be a repeated one. It gives the wallpaper effect without going through the hassles of the wallpapering process. Ensure that your stencils are repeated in the right sequence every time and be particular with the spacing. You don’t want the wall to look disorganized and spoil the look of your living room. So, practice with stencils well in advance to ensure the application is even. Some of the basic tips when borne in mind bring out the best talent hidden in you.

Faux painting

This technique for walls is indeed popular and comes with distinct options to choose from. In order to do it like experts, start with solid base shade and apply a shaded glaze on top. Consider a color wash before you apply different shades on top. When you do it, the base shade clearly shows up. Use a brush, rag or a sponge as these materials have amazing effects on the wall. Don’t restrict to just one shade on top. Use multiple shades for wonderful effects. With the help of a rag or sponge, paint it by dragging them across the wall. If you want to give it a complex look, give your wall an ancient look like it was made of an old stone. Seek help from professionals if you think you can’t do this on your own. You definitely don’t want to spoil the look and condition of your walls. Many people approach painting studios to remodel their walls through experts help.


Simply buy paint of your choice and make it look like finishes. This is the simplest technique you can think of but it may be a bit heavy on your pocket. Ultimately, the efforts you put in and money spent is all worth it when the wall design is up to your expectation.

Paint Home Sweet Home In A Different Way


The summertime is around the corner and you can now think of new home décor. There are immense of the options for those who are looking for home décor for long. Homeowners can explore as per their needs like they can look for kitchen up-gradation or enhance the style of the living room. You can also think of the space to be essentially used in the home. By using a trendy color scheme and home designs, you can do much with your home.

There are several trends followed these days. You must have noticed a geometric pattern in which people would like to utilize. This trend is seen as the part of the interior décor in immense of the ways. You can go for a bold geometric pattern for a living room, walls, and accent walls. You can also leave the plain shades for walls.

Another trend is farmhouse style which means the inclusion of vintage items as room décor and going for the rustic theme. When it is renovating the wall and making it warm, or if you want to get the feel of a farmhouse kitchen, then opt for neutral colors. You can also go for light colors. If you are planning to redecorate your house, then choose an open floor layout along with rustic elements. There is an option such as tiles on floors and surfaces in another way also extend the look.

These days, natural elements are used and thus it adds the high use of recycled items. You can incorporate such elements in design trends for your home. In order to complement the rooms, wooden or natural elements with light shades and colors will be best to make use of.

For play around areas, go for color hues like orange, red, bright yellow, and fuchsia. These darker shades can accent the walls for rooms. Warm color is an appropriate choice for kitchen and bathroom. You can also go for bold colors like violet and more.

The metallic décor theme is in these days. Metallic accents such as bronze, silver, and gold would make accent walls. There is an option for metallic print for the backsplash area. If you follow the recommendations above, you can redecorate your home and can make it attractive and beautiful. For all your painting need contact Surrey Painters.

Innovative Paint Techniques For Your Bedroom Walls


If you wish to get your walls painted with a plain coat of paint, it may look neat, but you can make it look vibrant and innovative as well. Well, with the latest wall painting styles and techniques, you can make your walls look really special. Some of the specialty wall painting techniques have been discussed below, so choose your style.

  •          Stenciling

When you wish to go for a repeated design on your wall, but unsure of your freehand abilities, consider using a stencil. There are numerous patterns to choose from. Look through some of the designs and choose as per your preference. A stencil comes in rescue to make an excellent design such as Moroccan trellis and more. You can also use this design for your child’s room walls.

  •          Checkerboard

This type of design works better in a contemporary designed bedroom. However, measuring the design is important for best outcomes. Consider a painters tape to make the checkerboard design and try painting on the tape. Once the paint is dried up, remove the tape. Go for colors with high contrast for a sophisticated look.

  •          Harlequin

This is basically a diamond pattern that can be created with ease using the right techniques. It is a simple pattern which best suits your child’s bedroom. However, if you use shades with a bit of contrast, you can give it a sophisticated look for your master bedroom walls too. In order to create this pattern, keep painters tape handy and place it in diagonal strips. Thereafter, paint the wall completely and simply remove the tape once the paint is dry.

  •          Stripes

Stripes pattern is easy to add to your child’s room, be it horizontal or vertical. For a more dramatic look, choose wider stripes. In order to create this pattern, paint the entire wall using a lighter shade. Then, with a painter’s tape, layout the striper as per the width you require. Lastly, paint those stripes using the darker shade and remove the tape.

These are some of the best techniques to paint your walls. If you are not too comfortable doing this on your own, choose professional paint studio services to get your job done. They are expert in this field and will certainly delight you with their paint patterns and techniques. Do a bit of research before choosing the best professional paint service to ensure your walls are well decorated.

Home Painting Tips For 2018

Home Painting

With the summer season here and a perfect time to plan new home décor, there are several options for homeowners to explore. As per their needs, they could look at kitchen updates or restyle their living room, two home spaces that are most used in a home. With versatile trends in color and home design, you will find much to play around with.

Among the new trends that are emerging, a geometric pattern is a new approach that one could take. This emerging trend can be seen in interior décor in different ways. You could try a bold geometric pattern on the living room walls, maybe create an accent wall and leave the other walls in plain shades.

Another new trend to explore is the farmhouse style. That means including vintage items in your room décor as well as choosing rustic themes. In case of redoing the walls to resemble a warm, farmhouse kitchen feel, opt for light, neutral shades. In case you are redecorating your home along the lines of such a décor theme, opt for an open floor layout as well as rustic elements. A wooden tiled finish on floors or other surfaces would also look great.

Natural elements are in and so is the use of reclaimed as well as recycled items. Incorporate these elements in the design trends for your home in 2018. For complementing rooms that have wooden or natural elements light color shades would be ideal for your room walls.

Color hues that you could play around with this year are bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, and red. The darker shades can form accent walls of your rooms. Warm colors that are bright would be ideal for bathrooms or kitchen. You might love to experiment with bold colors as well such as ultraviolet.

Something new that you could opt for is a metallic decor theme. Metallic accents like silver, gold, and bronze would be great as accent walls. You could opt for metallic prints for backsplash areas.

The above tips can help you plan something innovative and fresh for your home redecoration, especially in terms of what theme you can adapt to redecorate the room walls. This needs to complement the other changes you make, such as adding interior décor items or making changes to furniture items. If you are hesitant about doing the job yourself, get in touch with a professional painting company and get a paint makeover for your home.