Home Painting Tips For 2018

Home Painting

With the summer season here and a perfect time to plan new home décor, there are several options for homeowners to explore. As per their needs, they could look at kitchen updates or restyle their living room, two home spaces that are most used in a home. With versatile trends in color and home design, you will find much to play around with.

Among the new trends that are emerging, a geometric pattern is a new approach that one could take. This emerging trend can be seen in interior décor in different ways. You could try a bold geometric pattern on the living room walls, maybe create an accent wall and leave the other walls in plain shades.

Another new trend to explore is the farmhouse style. That means including vintage items in your room décor as well as choosing rustic themes. In case of redoing the walls to resemble a warm, farmhouse kitchen feel, opt for light, neutral shades. In case you are redecorating your home along the lines of such a décor theme, opt for an open floor layout as well as rustic elements. A wooden tiled finish on floors or other surfaces would also look great.

Natural elements are in and so is the use of reclaimed as well as recycled items. Incorporate these elements in the design trends for your home in 2018. For complementing rooms that have wooden or natural elements light color shades would be ideal for your room walls.

Color hues that you could play around with this year are bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, and red. The darker shades can form accent walls of your rooms. Warm colors that are bright would be ideal for bathrooms or kitchen. You might love to experiment with bold colors as well such as ultraviolet.

Something new that you could opt for is a metallic decor theme. Metallic accents like silver, gold, and bronze would be great as accent walls. You could opt for metallic prints for backsplash areas.

The above tips can help you plan something innovative and fresh for your home redecoration, especially in terms of what theme you can adapt to redecorate the room walls. This needs to complement the other changes you make, such as adding interior décor items or making changes to furniture items. If you are hesitant about doing the job yourself, get in touch with a professional painting company and get a paint makeover for your home.