Innovative Paint Techniques For Your Bedroom Walls


If you wish to get your walls painted with a plain coat of paint, it may look neat, but you can make it look vibrant and innovative as well. Well, with the latest wall painting styles and techniques, you can make your walls look really special. Some of the specialty wall painting techniques have been discussed below, so choose your style.

  •          Stenciling

When you wish to go for a repeated design on your wall, but unsure of your freehand abilities, consider using a stencil. There are numerous patterns to choose from. Look through some of the designs and choose as per your preference. A stencil comes in rescue to make an excellent design such as Moroccan trellis and more. You can also use this design for your child’s room walls.

  •          Checkerboard

This type of design works better in a contemporary designed bedroom. However, measuring the design is important for best outcomes. Consider a painters tape to make the checkerboard design and try painting on the tape. Once the paint is dried up, remove the tape. Go for colors with high contrast for a sophisticated look.

  •          Harlequin

This is basically a diamond pattern that can be created with ease using the right techniques. It is a simple pattern which best suits your child’s bedroom. However, if you use shades with a bit of contrast, you can give it a sophisticated look for your master bedroom walls too. In order to create this pattern, keep painters tape handy and place it in diagonal strips. Thereafter, paint the wall completely and simply remove the tape once the paint is dry.

  •          Stripes

Stripes pattern is easy to add to your child’s room, be it horizontal or vertical. For a more dramatic look, choose wider stripes. In order to create this pattern, paint the entire wall using a lighter shade. Then, with a painter’s tape, layout the striper as per the width you require. Lastly, paint those stripes using the darker shade and remove the tape.

These are some of the best techniques to paint your walls. If you are not too comfortable doing this on your own, choose professional paint studio services to get your job done. They are expert in this field and will certainly delight you with their paint patterns and techniques. Do a bit of research before choosing the best professional paint service to ensure your walls are well decorated.